Change of Plans

This is me not giving up. This is me knowing that the STEM strand isn’t for me. This is me choosing to be happy. This is me choosing ...

This is me not giving up. This is me knowing that the STEM strand isn’t for me. This is me choosing to be happy. This is me choosing myself and this is me finally accepting what my heart desires. Though I already know that I don’t owe anyone an explanation because this is my life and this decision of mine did not hurt anyone. 2 years ago, I thought I've made up my mind on finally taking the medical path but I guess 2 years in STEM made me realize that it's really not for me. When I finally accepted the fact that it is not for me, I didn't know where to go because I don't know where I'm good at, I don't know where I want to invest my life. 

Since childhood, my mom would always push me in the field of Engineering because of our business or Accountancy but me being a stubborn child did not pay any attention to everything they say, I don't know if it's just my reverse psychology acting up. Until one day, I imagined myself in a corporate job and building my own business in the future. I had finance and accountancy in my mind. I made thorough research between the two so here's a statement that stuck in my mind that made me finally choose Accountancy because someone I sought help from deciding told me that "Finance degree is an overview of all financial institutions, accounting, investing." She also told me that when she's still in job-hunting, most of her competitors are accounting grads/CPAs, and that you can train an accountant do to a finance work but you can't do the same otherwise. She also asked me if am I good at communicating or am I detail-oriented person and I told her I can do both, she told me to go for what I want but since I told her that I am into details, she would suggest to me to go for Accountancy!

As a person who wants to put up her own business in the future, that made me realize that I belong in this field. I have many plans and I am more motivated to study when I wanted to be in this place. I know it will not be easy for me, ABM graduates are more advanced than me in college but as long as I wanted to be here, I'll make an extra effort to stay and achieve my dreams. I have to think of all of the people I'm thankful for, to all of the people who are believing in me, to my support system. I am always grateful to have those people in my life, and I'm also proud of myself for knowing how to choose the right people to surround myself with because I've known the importance of surrounding yourself with good people for a happier and healthier life.

Before, I was very careful because I want to protect my name, but now I just want to protect my inner peace and that made my life easier for me. If you'll going to ask me if I regret being in STEM strand, I'd say no. I never did. I cherished all of my memories in STEM for two years both good and bad. My classmates and friends made my life in school easier! All of them gave me a lesson about life and puzzled me into who I am today. I believe all of this happened for a reason.

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