My Life during Quarantine #StayAtHome

I'm currently writing this in my 9th week of quarantine and it's driving me crazy!!! My last year in high school just ended and ne...

I'm currently writing this in my 9th week of quarantine and it's driving me crazy!!! My last year in high school just ended and never in my life thought this could happen in my lifetime. But anyway, now I've finally got time to work on things that I never had time for. One of the most important things that this happening taught me is to be grateful. Be aware of the privilege I have and utilize it to help people. If I was younger, I would probably keep whining about how I can't go out and buy my favorite cravings or be angry at people who can't #StayAtHome, those underprivileged people who can't stay at home because they have to feed themselves and their families, most of them are minimum wage earners and some of them depend on their survival from a day-to-day basis but now, I am more aware of the things around me, I am aware of the injustices of the world, that not all of these will be solved by just following the rules that aren't inclusive for all, speak up and condemn the people who are responsible for his citizens and thanks to the people who influenced me and opened my eyes. If there's one thing that I'm proud of, that is choosing the people I want to surround myself with and keep in my life.

Spending time with family
 I would have to say thank you to the universe because before the lockdown I was able to go home and spend my time with my family. It's been a while since I slept with my sisters and there's a new member of the family! Meet Cheesecake! our Siberian Cat. He's so sweet and he loves to be petted!

Decluttering my Physical Space
I regret I didn't do it earlier, I have to be annoyed by my sisters in order for me to move to another room. I was sleeping with them in the same room but they're so noisy at night and I just want to sleep! So I picked up the mess of the other room, throw unnecessary things and tadaa! I have my own habitat and I get to enjoy things alone!

Organizing My Digital Space
Organizing your digital space is as amazing as organizing your physical space. I'm a follower of Penelope Pop and I am a huge fan of her advocacy! She made me organize my digital space and my laptop is faster now. I also deleted unnecessary media in my phone, I get to check my emails and unsubscribed to some spam emails and one of the most fulfilling part is organizing my Spotify playlist!  They are more updated and clean now.

Advance Studying for College
I miss school, but not in online classes. I would like to commend my school for ending the year last March 20, 2020, and not pushing online classes because they know that a lot of students don't have a stable connection and tools to follow up on the lessons and of course, there are lessons that are not effective in an online class. In order for me to keep my sanity, I have to do something productive. Since I have to go back to zero in college because STEM strand is not for me (you can read it here why), and I'll take up BS Accountancy in college, I learned that there are so many resources available online and this is the perfect time to study the basics of accounting.

Watering the plants and hydrate.
Before, I never imagined I'll be fond of plants. When I was younger, I like picking flowers in our garden and my mom would always scold me for doing that but people do change indeed! I don't know if it's just adulting but I'm starting to treat them like humans too! (as we all should!) Aside from plants and humans, we should not forget to hydrate our pets as well, because if we feel hot, how much our pets especially our Furr babies right?

Preparing Contents
I've been thinking this for months because I want my social media platforms to be organized so I sort things that I wanted to share and things I want to keep in private as well as sticking to a niche.

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